Dana says he will cut Silva if he acts up again, we even have video to prove it

Just when you thought the Anderson Silva/Dana White fiasco was just about to wrap-up in time for Strikeforce Nashville, Jim Rome takes a battle axe and reopens the wound live on ESPN and doesn’t even give his viewers a napkin to wipe up the blood. In an interview today on Jim Rome is Burning, Dana White rips into Anderson Silva’s UFC 112 performance in a way only the president of the largest mixed martial arts organization can pull-off and still finds enough time to announce Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva in the near future. White also talks about how he was ‘forced to lie’ about Tito Ortiz still being an active coach inside the TUF house in order to protect SpikeTV’s best interest. Thanks to Beemeister for finally nabbing this video. [Source]


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