Dan Hendo is All About That 8-Bit Life, Yo

MMA shirts tend to be a bit gaudy, ugly or just downright obnoxious. MMA apparel tends to move in mass migrations like fads. First we had the days of the TapouT shirt, where that simple logo on a plain black or white shirt was all that you needed. The same could have been said about Bad Boy, Hitman or any of the other, earlier MMA apparel brands that were around. Then Affliction and Ed Hardy changed the whole damned game with their brands of over-the-top shirts featuring skulls, wings, winged skulls and everything else.

Now we are sort of living in a post-Affliction world where everyone wants to get the freshest new Roots of Fight shirt that is styled like a vintage sports t-shirt but will make mention to some combat sports legend such as Ali or Tyson. Because, you know, we gotta reconnect with our roots and not have shirts with Nazi skulls and stuff on them, which is cool.

Of course, if you really want to buck all of the trends, you’ll go out and buy Dan Henderson’s new t-shirt, which is stylized in the fashion of 8-Bit Nintendo. Because Dan Henderson doesn’t care about your roots of fight, Dan Henderson is Dan Henderson.

Yes, it is kind of a slow news day, but this is just in time for Michael Bisping to step into the ring again so we can all fondly remember UFC 100. Ahh yes, those were the days.

We’ll also take this opportunity to remind you that the original, the vintage, the iconoclastic MiddleEasy green t-shirt is once again in stock and for sale. Be a part of MMA history.


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