Dan Henderson weighs in on the purchase of Strikeforce

Record setting earthquakes might be hitting Japan and Zuffa might be buying up all the competition but at least we don’t have gigantic rifts opening around our world with demons spilling out of them. For the time being we don’t have to worry about having to defend our homeland against some evil force hell bent on sucking our home planet dry of it’s resources. It may happen in the future, but for now we will have to see. It seems like many fighters are taking the wait and see approach with the recent purchase of Strikeforce by MMA monolith Zuffa and Dan Henderson is one of them. With one fight left on his contract, here’s what Hendo had to say:

“It’s a little shocking. I had no idea,” Henderson told MMAWeekly.com on Saturday. “I know there were rumors 6 months ago, but I was pretty shocked. I don’t know what to feel about it, I don’t necessarily think, it might not be the best thing for the sport. But then again you’re going to start being able to see all these match-ups that everyone wants to see. Who knows.”
“I had no plans of leaving, but I don’t know what this is going to do those plans, but I have one fight left on my deal and we’ll see what happens,”
“Of course,” Henderson answered when prompted about fighting for White and the UFC again. “I’ve never said anything bad about them. I always appreciated everything they’ve done for me and for the sport. It’s just I was paid more money to go elsewhere, and that’s what I did. Dana’s the type that needs to talk a little smack if he doesn’t get his way, but I’ve got no hard feelings about anything.”

Everyone likes a good title unification match, and it seems like Hendo is always involved with those. Now if only I could add the H-Bomb to my new character in Rift’s talent point system. I’m a dork.


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