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Dan Henderson says he was drug-free in Pride and the UFC is going soft on Jon Jones

Dan Henderson says he was drug-free in Pride and the UFC is going soft on Jon Jones

Dan Henderson is the Ned Stark of MMA. Dude has taken more heads off than anyone, and is still living a guilt-free conscience even if he has a couple skeletons in his closet. You know, where he keeps his stinky training gear. Dan Henderson has recently claimed that he was one of the only people in Pride, along with Big Nog, that could pass a drug test for PEDs. Not just pass the drug test that Pride would conduct for cocaine and weed and stuff. All the while Dan speaks on this topic, the specter of TRT looms over him. But that was legal, and now it’s not. 

Just like when he passed drug tests in Pride, he did so within the rules, just like his Strikeforce and UFC runs. Hmmmm. He spoke to Junkie:

“PRIDE was what it is,” Henderson said. “I had asked about drug testing. They’d always drug test you over there, but it wasn’t for that. It was more for recreational drugs, cocaine and stuff like that. It was more for show. They made a comment that they’d probably only had a couple fighters, me and – I think they said, (Antonio Rodrigo) Nogueira would be the only fighters they had left if that was the case. Who knows what everybody was doing? All I know is that I’m happy they’re doing it now.”

And then he goes on to blast Jon Jones, someone he should’ve fought a few years ago:

“Personally, Jon Jones – I’m an advocate of MMA and representing the sport well,” Henderson said. “When you don’t do that, that’s when I’m not really a big fan of you or that. Jon is, being young or whatever it was, has made some poor decisions, and when he’s in the spotlight of the UFC champ, I think you’re subjected to higher standards. You need to follow through with that for yourself and make sure that you’re doing everything to publicly portray the UFC and the sport well. When you don’t do that, that’s when I have a problem.

“I think there should have been much higher consequences for that. It doesn’t teach anyone a lesson. It doesn’t have the fans and public respect the UFC when they don’t lay the hammer down a little bit. The UFC still can get behind him and push him to clean up, but there still needed to be some sort of reprimand also. Not just, ‘Hey, we’re behind you all the way. We’re glad you’re getting help. We’re glad you went to rehab for 10 hours or four hours or whatever it was.’ That’s all it was, and I think that there could have been more.”

Hendo has spoken. Should we listen?

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