Dan Henderson: Say hello to your new legend

When Fedor lost against Fabricio Werdum, a majority said that it was some quantum fluke in the Matrix and that if that fight happened nine-hundred more times, Fedor would win every time. In New Jersey when Bigfoot Silva managed to defeat Fedor, a few said that he was just too big and that Emelianenko should drop to light heavyweight. Tonight, The Last Emperor was TKOd by a middleweight in the first round — what will people say now?

Dan Henderson is your new legend. That statement was not based on some overly complicated algorithm or arduous scientific theory. It’s an existential fact. According to MMA math, this would mean that by default, Jake Shields would defeat Fedor. That statement is based on pseduo-science and a general horrific understanding of mathematics. However, you witnessed history tonight. This is not some contrived fabrication. Fedor Emelianenko was defeated by a middleweight. Fedor Emelianenko was defeated by Dan Henderson.

He is your new legend.

Thanks to IronForgesIron.com for the gif.

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