Dan Hardy travels to the future and talks about the beating he gives Mike Swick

Recipient of the 2009 award for best mouth-guard, Dan Hardy reveals to Nottingham.co.uk that he is in fact a pioneering time traveler. Despite Mike Swick and Dan Hardy having ‘pleasant conversations’, apparently it will not save Swick from the beating that has already been handed to him next month. Check out Dan Hardy auditioning for the role of Micheal J. Fox in the Back to the Future remake as he tells reporters that not even Mike Swick knows exactly how bad he’s going to get beat at UFC 105:

“I have read some articles on the internet saying that I may lack the “killer instinct” in this fight with Swick because I’ve hung out with Mike and we get along very well. Not gonna happen…. A couple of days of pleasant conversation with Swick won’t save him from the beating I am going to give him next month … on the whole, it is easier for me to prepare for Swick than it is for Swick to prepare for me. I’ve only had three fights in the UFC and I’ve not shown even half of my skills yet. There are lots of things I do well that Swick has no clue about, whereas Swick has been in the UFC for four years and I know exactly what he can and can’t do. I think this is the fight of the night. My style will gel very well with Mike’s. We both come from a kickboxing background, we both have very fast strikes and there’s so much on the line for us both.”

Our reporter interviewed Dan Hardy and despite the fact that he’s unlocked the mystery of time travel without letting us know, he seems like a pretty chill guy. [Source]

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