Dan Hardy Breaks Silence On UFC Firing

Former UFC fighter and now former commentator Dan Hardy explains being let go by the UFC.

Dan Hardy Statement
Dan Hardy Statement - Image via Instagram

Beloved British broadcaster Dan Hardy has been relieved of his commentary duties over at the UFC. The full play-by-play is still unknown at the moment, however Hardy was fired over an argument he had with a female employee on ‘Fight Island’ last January. 

The Wrestling Observer was the first to report on the lost job. There has been some metaphorical wanted posters as “The Outlaw” went the month of February missing from UFC shows and segments such as “Inside the Octagon” in the build-up for UFC 259. He was also absent from appearing on BT Sport. 

The UFC Veteran briefly touched up on the incident on Twitter before revealing a full statement.

While it is still unknown what was said in the verbal disagreement between Hardy and the female employee, it was enough reason for the UFC to cut ties with their play-by-play commentator. 

It is very likely that Hardy’s run-in with referee Herb Dean played precedent. After the Hardy screamed at Dean for not stopping a fight, the two would be involved in an altercation cage side, debating the stoppage. Dana White would later threaten that if any UFC employee were to approach a UFC official like that ever again, they would be fired. 

Months after the incident, it seems as Hardy was still on thin ice with the promotion. Perhaps, the UFC just needed another reason to terminate his contract. And that they did. 

The analyst still has to do some digging with what really happened in the situation as much of the termination is very unclear. Hardy reveals that he has not spoke with UFC president Dana White on the situation, leaving him in a world of wonder. 

With not much answers, Dan Hardy would go on to break the silence of the unfortunate news on his own MMA news outlet, Full Reptile

“Apologies for my silence on this current situation. stated Hardy. “I’m still chasing answers privately, and it’s taking some time. This is what I can say, at this point.”

“It was a verbal disagreement between myself and a member of the UFC staff. It was forthright but not aggressive, and specific to work.” continued Hardy.

“I have apologized to the individual, for the embarrassment they must have felt, as a small handful of our colleagues from the British media were present. We were taking a brief break from recording UFC 258 content, a few hours after the Holloway Kattar event had concluded, when the disagreement occurred. The conversation could have definitely taken place in a better location, and under better circumstances.”

“BT Sport have not fired me, and are still keen on working with me in some capacity. I’m appreciative of their interest in a continued collaboration. Thank you all for the support in the comments across their accounts. They are paying attention and making efforts, although there is pressure to push me out entirely.”

“The Raptors were quarantined for three weeks in order to attend UFC 259, but had their credentials revoked, so we’re diversifying our content a little, and appreciate your subs and support.”

“It has been suggested that a reconciliation between myself and the UFC is possible, and of course, I hope that is the case. I have yet to speak to, or hear from Dana, and get a better understanding of his perspective on the situation.”

“The result of their brief and private investigation has left me with little closure, and hope that at some point I’m able to get more information of what I’ve actually been accused.”

“I’m forever a fan of the UFC, and dedicated in service of MMA. I appreciate all of your kind words and support, both privately and publicly, and have lots of exciting offers to consider.”

“With respect and gratitude, The Outlaw.” Hardy closed his message. 

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