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Damn, Stephan Bonnar tested positive for steroids after UFC 153

Damn, Stephan Bonnar tested positive for steroids after UFC 153

Stephan Bonnar is now the poster child for steroids not working for an athlete. For all we know, the dude is now publicly 0-2 on performance enhancing drugs. First, his loss to Forrest Griffin back at UFC 62, and now he’s urinated hot after the mauling at the hands of Anderson Silva. Consider this: Nick Diaz is publicly 1-1 on Marijuana, which tells us through performance enhancing drug math that weed is indeed more powerful than steroids, and everyone should ingest the herb for various reasons to fulfill their rawesomicity quotient. That, and Burger King > sport supplement sponsors. Whatever that means. So yeah, it’s true. MMA Junkie is reporting that Stephan Bonnar tested positive for Drostanolone, an anabolic steroid post UFC 153, which is a massive, massive bummer. Stephan Bonnar retired earlier this week so there won’t be any suspension for the dude who ‘stepped up’ last month.

MMA Junkie has also broke the news that Dave Herman tested positive for Marijuana metabolites, which kind of debunks the weed over steroids argument after losing to Big Nog. But, we don’t know if Dave Herman was using Marijuana as a performance enhancer, medicinally or recreationally. So the jury is still out.

Now, I don’t want to bust out the alliteration willy nilly, but this is serious; luckily, Anderson didn’t lose to Bonnar in any steroid-smeared shenanigans, or I would be walking into traffic crying while dancing to Michael Jackson.


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