Damn, Anthony Pettis was almost going to fight Gray Maynard at UFC 130

There are lots of things of very awesome things I have almost gotten a chance to do in life. I almost got to ride the Concorde and go on a fully funded European ski trip my senior year of high school with a very rich Aunt. I almost got a neon pink Mustang GT as a 16th birthday present. I almost had my own personal chauffer named Henry to take me to the mall or out to get ice cream whenever I wanted. Unfortunately, when you have a Cuban uncle that claims to be away on sales trips to Thailand to buy and sell casinos and brings home suitcases full of cash and places them in the freezer for safekeeping-you can probably plan on ‘almost’ doing many things.

Unfortunately, Uncle wasn’t able to fulfill all of those promises before being carted away by some very official looking Federal agents just a few weeks prior to my 16th birthday. So there was no lavish ski trip or tricked out Mustang GT for me. Just another few almosts to add to my list.

Anthony Pettis almost gets to do things sometimes too. Like just this past week, he apparently gets a call from the UFC offering him a fight with Frankie Edgar should Gray Maynard not be able to make the fight. But instead, the UFC decided to scrap the fight altogether and just let Pettis fight Guida as originally planned. Here’s what he had to say about all of it to HeavyMMA.com this week:

“They were going to have me fight Maynard on that card. I said yes to that deal right away. I guess it turns out that it’s not going to happen. I’m back to fighting Guida. It sucks that he got injured, because it kinda puts the whole lightweight division back on standstill.”

“For three or four days I thought I was going to fight on May 28 and now it’s just killing me, so I’m going to take it out on Clay Guida.”

Pettis does not sound very happy about getting a fight dangled in front of him and then snatched back away like a check from a Nigerian sweepstakes gets snatched back out of your bank account. He sounds even more fired up to take on Clay Guida in June. Can’t wait! [source]

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