Cung Le will be in a movie directed by The Rza and written by Eli Roth

You can roll the Wu-Tang Clan into a ball of dough, place them in a romantic comedy with Cameron Diaz, have them make a guest appearance on The Horse Whisperer, enroll them in an introductory course in Le Cordon Bleu, give each member a late Bar Mitzvah, shower them in a bucket full of early 90s Gak — but whatever you do, you must keep in mind that Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to [expletive] with it, and as long as you abide by those rules, your neck will remain intact.

There’s only a handful of Wu-observers on this earth that have more knowledge than me about the group, and yes, I realize the preceding statement sounds really obnoxious. That’s what happens when you stub your toe on the edge of an iron door and struggle to ‘play it off’ while you write an article about Cung Le appearing in a movie (opposite Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu) directed by The RZA on the Wu-Tang Clan and written by Eli Roth of the movie ‘Hostel’. has more information on the project that most likely already has your blood pressure elevated.

The Man With The Iron Fist” could be the oddest movie of 2011 — a martial arts flick that Eli Roth co-wrote with RZA, who’s also slated to direct and act in it as “a weapons-making village blacksmith in feudal China,” reportedly alongside Russell Crowe and, according to the IMDb page, Lucy Liu and martial artist Cung Le.

And now, according to Twitch, the $20 million project is actually filming, with Roth tweeting about the production from China.

It’s safe to assume that Cung Le is indeed ‘The Man With The Iron Fist’ and that he spends two hours repeatedly punching Russell Crowe in the face while getting turned down by Lucy Liu at the same time. I would watch it if that exact chain of events happened, and chances are I will probably watch it if those chain of events didn’t happen. I’m not too picky when it comes to the storyline — which probably makes me the only person that sat through the entire duration of ‘Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li‘ without jumping on their sofa with their fists clinched, screaming ‘What the [expletive] does any of this mean?’. [Source]

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