Video: Cro Cop tells us the amazing story of when Wladimir Klitschko kicked his ass

Cro Cop vs. Wladimir Klitschko

Cro Cop remains a legend. We’ve all heard the story. As the legend goes a young-ish Mirko Cro Cop once knocked out boxing heavyweight legend Wladimir Klitschko in sparring.

For the life of us we believed this happened. When Mirko was coming up in K-1 and Pride this little tall tale was used to build him up. The fact that our beloved Mr. Cop was head kick KO-ing folks left and right didn’t hurt his case either.

One of the best strikers in MMA history knocking out one of the best heavyweight boxers of his generation? We want to believe and we want to watch all the grainy 90s VHS footage of it.

Almost 20 years since the infamous sparring session, Cro Cop is setting the record straight and head kicking our hearts. Just watch the subtitled video below and see for yourself.

Say it ain’t so Mirko, say it ain’t so.

Well damn.

Props to Mirko for telling the truth in a painful amount of detail. The story is still cool just for the mental picture of Mirko going heads up with Wladimir. That’s a six foot six, huge heavyweight with a 81 inch reach Wladimir by the way.

Smaller story but I’m sure you’re following it but how about the career turn around for Mirko when it comes to media relations? There was a time when Mr. Cop was the biggest asshole in the locker room, who loathed the people covering him. Now reaching his twilight years in combat sports our Uncle Mirko is just a damn delight on the mic and full of jolly stories to tell one and all.

We’re this close to sitting on our Croatian Uncle’s knee and asking him to tell us another one of his war stories. Just one more story, please, we promise.

H/T to @X1phoner for the video and translation.

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