Cro Cop talks about things that make him feel sad

These state of the world over these past few days has made me feel like putting on an oversized black hoodie and listening to R.E.M’s Everybody Hurts over and over again while aimlessly wandering the streets, kicking rocks and intermittently sighing overly-dramatic and defeated sounding sighs. If it weren’t for Google translate I’d be even more depressed because I wouldn’t be able to make out anything Cro Cop says in this video interview. The only Croatian I know is ‘vaša djeca mogu hodati unatrag’ which means something along the lines of wishing some sort of handicap upon someone’s kids. While I was growing up the Croatian lady up the street use to yell that to our Serbian neighbor every time he mowed his lawn at 6:30am in the summertime. She yelled a few other things too, but I just translated them into some very profane things that Zeus won’t let me say on MiddleEasy.

Some reporters caught up with Cro Cop at the airport while he was getting ready to leave for the states to fight Brendan Schaub at UFC 128. Here are a few quotes from the interview in which Cro Cop is sounding a little bit depressed and unhappy at the moment:

On Traveling and fighting: ‘I am saddened as always when I go away. Now I am in a depressed mood, not that I travel to New York. But what I do, this is a job.’

On Brendan Schaub’s youth:‘What is the younger fighter, it is easier to recover after the fight,”

On The UFC Strikeforce buyout: ‘This is an awesome sport for them move. They showed how capable and powerful. But I was a little sorry, because a monopoly is not good for the sport, and prices will padat fighters. In the same way they took PRIDE, fighters took over, I believe that this will be the Strikeforce”

I don’t blame Cro Cop for feeling a little down in the dumps. It can’t be easy to leave your home and family. That coupled with the recent world events and the changes within the MMA community, its easy to feel sad. At least the reporters didn’t mention the recent discovery of fungus infected mutant zombie ants when they talked to Crop Cop. That might have really made him sad. No one wants to be preparing for a fight wondering when some mind controlling fungus filled ant might crawl up yours or your opponents vale tudo shorts, take a bite and then make you go full zombie on someone. [source]

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