Breaking: Cro Cop Exposes USADA in Croatian Interview and Claims They’d Revoke Suspension If He Snitched

We all know that USADA has been systematically dissecting the UFC, but maybe we never thought it’d get to this point. Sure, some people have to trip the alarm, but not “insert favorite fighter here”. Not our heroes. Let some no-name test positive on the prelims of UFC Wisconsin, not Anderson Silva. Legends have fallen, unexpected pops have went off like that last kernel of corn, newcomers have had their debut halted and the two biggest fighters at UFC 200 even tested positive.

Now, at the height of USADA’s scorching of the Earth, we revisit the Mirko Cro Cop scenario. In a recent interview with a Croatian media outlet, Cro Cop tells the whole story of what happened and makes some absolutely crazy accusations about our PED task force.

He illustrates a bad injury he had in camp to prepare for his fight with Anthony Hamilton, which is what prompted him to use HGH.

“The doctor gave me medical report, and in USADA rules it states – if there is no alternative, using growth hormone for medical reasons is allowed if we consult with them. I didn’t consult with them. I then contacted a UFC representative and told them what happened. He said everything is alright, and that – even though I didn’t ask for permission – there will be no problem. I sent him an email because he asked for it, and this is where I naively fell for it. USADA called me and they told me my confession was a commendable act. I didn’t understand anything. My e-mail was forwarded to USADA and they used it as my confession. They gave me 2 year suspension because I was “fair”. They misused it, they needed a big name to show they are in control, and this is where they used me. I got sickened by all of this. My shoulder hurt, its function was questionable and now this… It boiled over for me, my mother was crying, people were having their sweet time with it, they were tarnishing my career.”

When all this happened back in November, the UFC announced the potential violation of their anti-doping policy and Cro Cop immediately announced his retirement right after. Potential is the key word here. Cro Cop admitted himself that he was using HGH, his test never showed a banned substance, his suspension was caused by his own admission of guilt.

“This all made me sick and I said this is no longer for me. The were sticking to their guns and did not say anything to me. My test was clean so they had no right to do this to me. Take Mir’s case as an example. He fought while doping, there was no medicine. They found two anabolic steroids and he received the same penalty as me, and I didn’t even fight. And then they snitch on me. I’m not mad at anybody but that was not the correct thing to do and it was an unsportsmanlike thing to do.”

The whole situation already seemed sketchy enough, but Cro Cop dropped a huge bomb in the interview. He claims that USADA would revoke his suspension if he were to snitch on other fighters about potential doping violations!

“In the end they offered me to revoke my suspension If I snitch another fighter. I couldn’t believe that they were humiliating me in this matter. I have my own gym, I don’t know what people use and even If I knew it – I wouldn’t tell them. I told them that they can stop me from fighting in UFC, but they will not take my soul. If an organization who fights for cleaning the sport is on such a level that they want to blackmail a fighter… Can you get any lower? I wouldn’t do this to my worst enemy. But such are the rules, I’m not mad at anybody. I should have kept quiet. I ended up being more naive than a French maid.”

Wow… Those are some serious allegations. If you want to read the entire transcript of the interview you can see the translation courtesy of Ina Ferencic.

Cro Cop echoed the claims he told Croatian media in a video that seems like it was recorded over eight months ago!? Why are we just hearing about this now? Watch the video down below and await his RIZIN debut in September.

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