Cris Cyborg’s BJJ brown belt ceremony

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Not long ago, a bandwagon came around and many a grappling and MMA fan jumped on it. It was “Ronda Rousey is amazing and Cris Cyborg is a cheating juicer” bandwagon. We didn’t get on that one.

First off, there’s no argument that Ronda shreds in MMA, and, even better, she does it using excellent submission grappling skills. And, yes, she’s a looker. But, that doesn’t all of a sudden make Cyborg chopped liver (that’s an American term; for UK folks substitute liver with shepherd’s pie or maybe baked beans or something). No way. Sure, she got busted for the using the bomba, but we’re not haters around here, and she’s shown herself to, like Ronda, be a serious student of grappling (namely BJJ). Basically, we want to see her beat up on some other girls again. There’s no shame in that.

We give props to Cyborg for being awarded her brown belt from none other than world champ/ADCC champ, Andre Galvao. Now, waste a few minutes watching her go through the belt whipping gauntlet thing (we don’t do that at our academy, but it looks kind of fun).

Watch the Video…

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