Cris Cyborg really wants you to buy a Magnaflow exhaust

As an adult, I can’t afford a car so I ride a bicycle around NYC, but when I was a teenager I was really into cars. Back then, all I could afford was a Volkswagen Golf with some chrome rims and a broken catalytic converter. It was loud and annoyed my parents, but everyone else thought I had some sort of performance exhaust on my car so I didn’t bother fixing it. The car did 0-60mph in about 30 seconds which made getting speeding tickets impossible. Since most women wouldn’t be caught dead in it, I had plenty of money to pay my college tuition at R.I.T. In retrospect, I could have just bought a nice car, hooked it up with a sweet sound system, scored plenty of hot chicks, avoided college all together – and I’d probably be in the exact same position I am now. I’m not trying to imply having a nice car is all it takes to get a girl, but good luck trying to score when all you can offer them is a ride back to your place on your handlebars.

When most of you think of quality, power, and sound, you’re probably thinking about the Wu-Tang Clan, but Magnaflow Exhausts wants you to think about Cris Cyborg. Check out this video shot of what has to be one of the biggest sponsorships in women’s MMA history.

{loadposition cyborgmagnaflow}

You can check out her profile page on Magnaflow’s website here.

We’ve always been fans of Cyborg at MiddleEasy, and if we had cars, we’d probably be fans of Magnaflow exhausts too. Props to all big companies that see the marketing value of sponsoring MMA fighters like the undisputed Queen of MMA. We hope more brands will consider slapping their logos on women’s walk-out gear in the future and at the end of the day, we’re glad Magnaflow makes an exhaust that fits on Frate Tranes (that’s spelled correctly, folks).

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