Cris Cyborg powerbombs Tito Ortiz in this sparring video

“Since only living tissue or mimetic polyalloy imitating human tissue can travel back in time, previous Terminators were limited to hand to hand combat and acquired weapons, or in the case of the T-1000, forming solid metal objects such as knives and stabbing weapons. The T-X [Terminatrix], however, carries weapons internally, permitting it to take its futuristic arsenal back with it. Weapon discharges are fired from modified hands and forearms. During Terminator 3, its primary weapon in combat is a directed plasma energy weapon until it is badly damaged and replaced by the IAD ChemTech, a type of flamethrower. Other advanced onboard weaponry included (but possibly not limited to): P31 Caustic Shells (x 231); the HDE Predator (333b); the Finite Rapid Cluster Gun; .45 mm Cascader; the Nano-Disruptor (.222 mm) and the SUBauro Neutralizer (.444). It also has a circular saw for general cutting duty. Like other Terminators, it can readily use weapons designed for human use. The novelization also includes other capabilities; it has teeth that are harder than diamonds that can cut through solid titanium, can break a human spine just by pinching with the thumb and forefinger, and its thighs can squeeze with a force greater than an industrial hydraulic press. However, the T-X still needs to acquire vehicles and other forms of transport needed to accomplish its missions.”

That’s directly from Wikipedia and the fact that there’s someone out there with this much information on a fictional film character should just be enough to liquefy your brain. It’s wildly known that Cris Cyborg is the closest thing the world has to a ‘Terminatrix’ and in this video, she validates that claim by powerbombing Tito Ortiz in a sparring session. [Source]

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