UFC 240 Results: Cris Cyborg Outstrikes Felicia Spencer For A Decision Win! (Highlights)

Spencer Cyborg
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Cris Cyborg Outboxed Felicia Spencer, But Scored A Unanimous Decision Win, Spencer Is So Strong!

UFC 240 PPV (pay-per-view) event is happening live now (Saturday, July 27, 2019) from inside the Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

An entertaining Featherweight bout between the ex-UFC 145-pound queen Cris Cyborg and the undefeated former vacant Invicta champ Felicia Spencer co-headlines the event. Our ref is Yves Lavigne. It kicks off!

Round 1

Wow, Cyborg fires back almost instantly, but Felicia Spencer goes for a takedown, stopped by an overhand right. It looks like Cyborg is going for all or nothing, fists are flying. Cyborg goes forward, Spencer is looking for the clinch.

Cris is bleeding heavily from her forehead, it looks like the elbow was nasty. Cyborg is pressed against the fence, what a great performance by Felicia Spencer. Cyborg defends takedown, then delivers a great knee, but Spencer sticks like a glue!

Another knee Cris, open exchange, Spencer fires back, she is very strong! Hooks Cyborg, but she misses over and over. Nasty leg kick Cyborg, but Felicia is very strong.

Cris is tactical now, she circles around her opponent. Cyborg goes forward delivers punch and kick but eats a clean right hand, what a great exchange!

Cyborg misses but delivers a low kick, Spencer keeps her hands high. Was this a Superman punch? Fighters clinched up, Spencer countered her well, and she presses Cris against the fence. Felicia is trying to trip her but Cris defends well.

Cyborg attacks and reverses her opponent. I am unsure close round, maybe 10-9 Cyborg!

Round 2

Cyborg circles. Body kick Cris, it was a knee to the body in the end, but Spencer again sticks like a glue, pushing Cyborg on the fence. She grabbed her leg, but Cris escapes. Cyborg looks tired. Spencer fights for the underhooks, short punches Cris.

The referee should separate them. Knee Cyborg, but not much action. Cyborg reverses her opponent, but Felicia is intelligent. Felicia pulls guard intentionally, Cyborg pounds her hard. Up-kick attempts Spencer, Cyborg hits her hard, but Spencer looks for the armbar, Cyborg in the north-south position, she could try something.

Another punch Cris. Cyborg lets her up. Felicia goes for the clinch but eats a left hook. Right uppercut Cyborg, but Felicia keeps going forward. Cyborg catches the kick but lets her rival go.

More punches on both sides. Low kick and right hand Cyborg. Now more knees. Big body shot followed by a head punch Cyborg. Left spinning heel kick Felicia, but she misses. 10-9 Cyborg.

Round 3

Low kick Cyborg. Fighters in the clinch again, good hooks by Cris. Felicia is trying to go forward but Cyborg is very cautious. Awesome strike by Felicia Spencer. Low kick. Cyborg counters with that direct shot. What a knee by Cris, followed by a left hand.

Superman punch Felicia, but Cyborg counters her well. Great kick, and awesome punch, wow this was close! Good underhooks by Spencer, she presses Cris again!

Wow, this elbow hurt her, Felicia Spencer is heavily rocked! Cyborg is looking to finish this fight, but Spencer survives!

Cyborg presses her against the cage, now few great blows! Nasty right low kick by Cris. Side kick to the knee Spencer. Low kick Cris, followed by a big right hand. Spencer is totally exhausted, Cyborg keeps pouring over and over, another low kick. Wow, awesome uppercut to the body, great right hook, and another one.

Spencer is very tough girl, but Cyborg keeps hitting her. She plays with Felicia, this is her round, Spencer counters, but Cyborg goes for a big low kick. 10-9 Cyborg.

Final Result: Cris Cyborg scores a unanimous decision win over Felicia Spencer (30-27 x 3)

Here are the highlights:



Felicia Spencer drops to 7-1 MMA, 1-1 UFC, Cris Cyborg improves the score to 21-2, 1 NC MMA; 6-1 UFC.

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