Cris Cyborg Clarifies her Point On Holly Holm And USADA Drug Testing

Current UFC women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg clarifies her stance on performance-enhancing drug and Holly Holm.

Cyborg recently released a string of tweets expressing concern over how frequently USADA has tested her as opposed to her opponent Holly Holm ahead of a potential title fight at UFC 219.

In return, Holly Holm who’s never failed a USADA test replied her via an Instagram video where she points out Cyborg’s less-than-perfect drug-testing past and she been tested more times this year than Cyborg has.

That led Cyborg to reply Holm via video said she is not worried about past-just the future as well wrote a blog on her page:

“Like most fans, I am anxious for the UFC to announce my next bout against Holly Holm, as my first title defense of the UFC 145lbs belt. While I NEVER pick my opponents, I am at a point in my career where I want to make the biggest fights for the fans when the most fans want to watch it!!!
Last year Holly Holm’s coach Mike WinkleJohn was quick to use my flagged USADA sample as a reason to delay this fight from happening, despite the fact that USADA eventually cleared me of any wrongdoings, granting me a Therapeutic Use Exemption for the usage of Spirinolactone following a detailed medical review by an independent panel of doctors, allowing me to clear my name without incident or suspension.
I fully support USADA, and I appreciate it as a platform allowing me to prove to my fans that following my suspension 6 years ago, I learned from my mistake and grew as an athlete. Moving forward, so there is no confusion, I am wanting an agreement that Holly Holm will be tested the same amount of times from Oct 1st-Dec. 30th that I am tested.
Holly responded on her social media stating that she has already been tested 1 more time than I have in 2017. Those numbers are a bit misleading, however, considering she has already fought 3 times in 2017 compared to my 1 fight. Holly also failed to mention that only 1 of those tests have occurred in the last quarter.”

Currently, Cyborg is truly a most dangerous female UFC fighter. Earlier this year Cyborg score the victory in the third round via TKO against Tonya Evinger on the main card of UFC 214.

Cyborg’s longtime manager, George Prajin is in discussion with UFC officials to lock the deal with the champion. She has not lost any MMA fight since 2005.

I see it as a great opportunity for BOTH OF US to prove we are entering the cage as clean athletes, which is why I am purposing us to agree to both be tested with the same amount of ‘random tests’ between now and the fight Dec. 30th. If USADA interrupts my training schedule 20 times, I am okay with that, however I want to know that for each time I am tested, Holly Holm will also be subject to the same testing during THIS fight camp.
If I am woken up at 5am to test, then I want her being woken up at 5am to test the same amount of times. This is not because “I think” she is using something, it is more because I want us to both be able to prove that we are clean when we step inside the cage, eliminating any excuses one might have following the fight.
Since we are both clean athletes, I do not see why there should be any objection to agreeing on the same amount of tests being done during our training camps. Some critics have pointed to my failed test 6 years ago as a reason for me to be more heavily tested, however, I think the reputation of her home gym, and the opportunity for us to both prove we are competing clean is a better reason to agree that we will both be tested the EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF TIMES…WHILE WE ARE IN CAMP TO FIGHT EACH OTHER so that way after I beat her ass there will be no excuses from her team!”

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