Cowboy Cerrone Makes No Excuses After UFC Vancouver Loss, Wants to Get to 50 Wins

via fighter's Instagram
via fighter's Instagram

Cowboy Makes No Excuses For Loss at UFC Vancouver

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone was one of the first UFC fighters to take on the ‘BMF’ persona and bring the terminology to the UFC octagon. Even after suffering a brutal loss to Justin Gaethje, Cerrone isn’t making any excuses. Continuing to be a ‘BMF’, Cerrone even hinted at a goal of wanting to secure 50 victories in his career.

Speaking to the MMA media after suffering a loss is difficult. Especially after a knockout loss Gaethje at UFC Vancouver. Wearing his trademark cowboy hat and holding his son Danger, Donald replied to the questions in a heartfelt tone.

Cowboy Speaking to the Media after UFC Vancouver

“Justin is a stud man, he’s going to do great things in this sport,” said Cerrone in reference to Gaethje’s performance. The media then asked about the initial confusion that Cowboy seemed to have with the decision of the referee to stop the fight.

Looking at his son Danger, he told him there was no confusion and he knew exactly where he was. He then took a look at the media and replied.

“Man, I’m not making any excuses. The ref clearly thought I couldn’t continue, you know?” Cerrone continued, “That’s the way this game is. Sometimes you get the ref that lets you get pounded in (and) sometimes you get that one that won’t. I got the one that wouldn’t so maybe it’s better for the longevity of me and my boy here,” said Cowboy.

Eager to get back on the horse, Cerrone answered questions about his plans going forward in the octagon.

“I would love to fight in December man, I really would,” said Cowboy. Although he is aware that knockout losses result in a medical suspension from the UFC for a minimum of 30 days.

“I’d love to fight next weekend. (are) Suspensions last how long… 90 days? 60 days? I could probably still make it right? Squeeze in there in December, maybe,” said Cerrone.

 Cerrone Wants 50 Victories in the Octagon

Inquiring about Cerrone’s win count, they asked him if he had a goal of getting to 40 wins. His answer surprised them.

“Oh I want 50,” said Cerrone. “50 is the number (that) I want. So, I got news for my coaches and corners. There’s going to be a lot more ups and downs and sideways. It’s so funny cause when you’re winning everyone wants to know ‘what are you doing so special to win?’ And then when you lose everyone is like ‘what didn’t you do?”

Cerrone continued, “Nothing man, I train my a** off. I’m in great shape. Five rounds, I could have went for sure, it just didn’t work out.” He finished in a sarcastic voice with the statement “So we’re going to go back to the drawing board and fix things.”

Cowboy deciding to not make excuses is exactly the route everyone in the MMA world knew he would take. With 49 professional belts under his belt buckle, Cerrone was never known to make excuses. That ideology wouldn’t be ingrained in the fabric that makes up a ‘BMF.’

Expect to see Cerrone continue to not make excuses in the future, as it not only benefits himself. it also sets a great example for his son. And, with a new goal of 50 victories, Cowboy shouldn’t be riding off into the sunset for a significant amount of time.

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