Cowboy Cerrone welcomes Eddie Alvarez to the UFC with a plethora of leg kicks

This fight, like the entire event that has been UFC 178 delivered the exact excitement that everyone expected and wanted. Eddie Alvarez strutted down the aisle, and then met Cowboy Cerrone in his Octagon, because let’s face it, this is Cowboy’s Octagon, and showed him zero respect. Getting up close, clinching and basically dominating the first round with a total spam-a-thon of punches. To get specific, Eddie spammed the square button about 15 times in a row, connecting every single time. 

But then round 2 began, and the leg kicks began. Slowly but surely, Eddie’s health meter began to fade and while he admirably pressed right on the D-pad to switch stances, there really was nothing he could do here. Cowboy knew it, Eddie knew it and we knew it. The only thing to happen next was for Eddie and his perfectly-shaped eyebrows to crumble to the ground.

It was close, but Cowboy clearly won, and somewhere Bjorn Rebney was rubbing litigation papers all over his body, cackling madly.

Here’s the crazy opening round via GussyH on Reddit.

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