Cowboy Cerrone Just Turned Heel on the Fight Pass UFC 200 Aftermath Panel

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone has been known to speak his mind and knock back a couple of ice cold cruisers. That’s a given. However, it looks like Cerrone must not be done partying this UFC 200 weekend because he just showed his ass on Fight Pass. Ol’ Cerrone may be dressing like the Man In Black after this because it sure seems like he is turning heel with the statements he was making.

In a live-tweet session documenting the wild panel for those not watching, Cerrone drops some slurs, buries Jones and gives the least amount of fucks yet. …And that’s even compared to him rolling ATVs and sky diving.

Holy shit, indeed fight fans. Our brothers in fight stuff Bloody Elbow handily transcribed part of the conversation where Cerrone exercises his rights to Free Speech to the utmost degree right after the clip above cuts off.

CM Punk: “Wait a second. You and everybody else who clapped for that were the same people who were cheering when Brock would take Hunt down, and do the exact same thing DC did to Anderson.”

Cerrone: “That’s different. That was Brock.”

CM Punk: “It’s the same thing!”

Cerrone: “Yeah but Anderson is giving up 30 pounds, flies in, two days notice, fights [Cormier], you’re — f*cking stand and fight, motherf*cker!”

CM Punk: “Hey, I get it! Everybody’s disappointed. They want to see Anderson Silva do some ninja shit. But if I’m standing across from him, I don’t want to see him do ninja shit. I’m gonna take his ass down.”

Well, damn. CM Punk seemed to have tried to play the company man and an ice to Cerrone’s flame, but it doesn’t look good on Cowboy. Punk even lays out a good argument for the flippant fight fan. There was also some sort of shouting match that happened with UFC fighter Kajan Johnson. He was complaining about injuries the UFC didn’t help him with, while he claimed Punk got to get paid to sit on the sidelines. In the midst the first openly gay UFC champion being crowned in Amanda Nunes, all of this can’t be good PR.

We’ll keep you updated on this and load up a complete video when one inevitably drops. Until then, if you are a Fight Pass customer you can watch the shit hit the fan in full here.

UPDATE: The entire panel video has been removed from UFC Fight Pass. They do not want you seeing this.


UPDATE: Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone posts an apology on Instagram and voices words of support to the LGBTQ community while wearing the UFC’s new “We Are All Fighters” shirt.

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