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Cowboy Cerrone posts a pic of his badly mangled cut eye and the MMA Internet freaks out

If it’s on The Internet it must be true. If Cowboy Cerrone posts something on Instagram then it really must be true. Thanks to the power of The Internet, Cowboy Cerrone’s troll game can now hit new levels of punking the entire MMA world.

Less than three weeks away from his UFC 206 fight with fellow cat smasher Matt Brown, Donald Cerrone took to Instagram to post a video of his clearly fucked up right eye. Cerrone’s eye contracted pink eye, got jabbed 15 consecutive time with a sharpened spork, and then had dirty bath water rubbed all up in it.

Worst. Eye. Injury. Ever.

Well Fuck!!!

A video posted by Donald Cerrone (@cowboycerrone) on

Or Cowboy Cerrone is on the set of the Netflix show Godless and he takes great joy in tricking the collective online MMA world. Y’all just got COWBOY’d!!!!

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