Colby Covington Thinks its “Sad” That Fans Believe Dana White’s Words

Colby Covington
Colby Covington - image via @colbycovmma Instagram

Colby Covington Disses UFC Fans Who Believe Dana White

Remember when UFC President Dana White called Colby Covington a “loud-mouthed f***ing idiot?” The back and forth between the men publically create an illusion that would make it hard to believe that there is a working relationship. With Colby’s antics, one could never be able to tell what’s serious and what isn’t. Both men have criticized each other in the public eye during media sessions. However, it looks like what set the feud overboard is when Dana told the public that Colby essentially didn’t want any parts of champion Kamaru Usman. The very opponent he is facing at UFC 245.

When everything was going Colby’s way in the UFC, he referred to Dana White as “uncle.” Now that things haven’t exactly gone his way in the promotion, Covington has turned 180 degrees. Since being “stripped” of his interim Welterweight title, Covington has been more vocal about his issues with UFC brass. Especially when he feels like they are lying about him.

Covington Spoke About Dana White’s Remarks

Covington spoke with MMA Fighting. During the conversation, he blasted White and fans that cling onto his every word.

“It’s sad the narrative he(dana white) tries to run and what’s even sadder are the fans and the people who actually believe anything that comes out of his mouth,” said Covington. “He’s always making up lies about me in the media, making these false and fake narratives. I’m not afraid to call a spade a spade. Whether I’m brutally honest or not, people should recognize how real I am and people should now I always speak the truth when I talk in interviews.” (via MMA Fighting)

Convington Needs to Keep Winning

The old saying remains that there are always three parts to a story. One is the opinion of Dana, one is Colby’s, and the other would be the truth. Unfortunately for fans, they will never know who is actually closer to the side of the truth.

For Colby, as long as he keeps winning, it’ll be tough for the promotion to deny him. however, the moment he loses, he should expect a lot of backlash from fighters on the roster and UFC President Dana White.

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