Colby Covington Calls For Miami PPV Showdown With Jorge Masvidal

Covington Claims To Have Accepted A Fight With Masvidal Right After Beating Tyron Woodley Earlier This Month

Covington Masvidal
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Colby Covington wants a big showdown with Jorge Masvidal on pay-per-view in Miami.

Covington returned to the win column with a dominant fifth-round TKO win over Tyron Woodley at UFC Vegas 11 earlier this month. Following the victory, Covington called for either a rematch with Kamaru Usman or a highly-anticipated grudge match with Masvidal.

“Chaos” even claims UFC president Dana White offered the prospect of facing Masvidal next right after the fight and that he accepted right away. The only question right now is if “Gamebred” is willing to accept the bout.

“Dana White came up to me after my fight immediately and said, ‘hey, we want to do you versus Street Judas Masvidal’. I accepted right on that night, in that minute,” Covington told Submission Radio. “So, he knows I’m on board, the UFC knows I’m on board. Now it’s just about getting Street Judas Masvidal on board. He’s scared. He’s scared of my shadow. If my shadow was around him, he’d be running. So, who knows if he’ll show up to the octagon. I definitely don’t want to have to beat him up on the streets of Miami, cause I am the King of Miami.

“I don’t want to beat him up in the streets of Miami, guys. Cause if I beat him up there, nobody’s gonna pay his hospital bills. At least if I go out there and expose him in front of the world, in the UFC octagon on live television, then he’ll get his hospital and medical bills paid for. The thing is, Jorge is going to have to show up to fight me one day. He’s going to have to show up to pay his ex-wife’s lawyer fees. He’s gotta pay alimony payments, he’s got some other things he’s gotta pay. So, he’s gonna be broke soon. He’s gonna come running to Daddy, and he knows the only money fight he’s getting is me. I’m his money fight.

“That other fight that they’re trying to do with that Soyboy [Nate Diaz], they’re not trying to do that fight. That’s just a fight he’s begging for because he won it one-sided, and now he’s looking for an easy fight. So, this is the fight that’s being presented to him, that’s the only that should be made, and it’s the biggest fight they can probably make in the UFC right now. It’s a pay-per-view main event, it’s a five-rounder, it’s an exciting match-up with fireworks on the line. I’m not going to be looking to dance on his feet like Marty Fakenewsman did, I’m gonna be looking to dance on his face, break his face, and he’s leaving that octagon in a body bag, mark my words.”

Covington: Masvidal And I Are Two Of UFC’s Biggest Draws

While Covington doesn’t want to beat Masvidal up on the streets of Miami, he certainly wants a pay-per-view showdown to take place there.

And even with no belt on the line, he believes it should be a main event given that he claims both of them are two of the biggest draws in the promotion.

“It’s going to be a pay-per-view main event,” Covington added. “I mean, there’s no doubt about it. We’re two of the biggest draws in the company, and we just so happen to be in the same weight class, and it just so happens to be we used to be best friends. We used to live together, train together every single day.

“… I think the best place to propose it for would be for American Airlines arena in Miami, Florida. I think that would be a great ticket. And hopefully by the time fans come back in December/January, it’s just perfect. It aligns perfectly and there’s a big market for MMA in Miami. So, people want to see fighting in Miami, and I think the UFC needs to come back to Miami.”

You can watch the full interview below:

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