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Colby Covington Blames Refs and “Fouls” on UFC 245 Loss

Colby Covington Blames Refs and “Fouls” on UFC 245 Loss

Colby Covington Blames Marc Goddard, Bad Refereeing on Loss to Usman

UFC 245 was a big slice of humble pie for UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington. For months upon months, Covington personified brash behavior. In the process, he lost respect from fans, former teammates, and MMA enthusiasts abroad. Even sponsors chose to drop Covington. After suffering a championship loss from Kamaru Usman, many thought that Colby would cancel his over the top villain character. However, now that Covington is back in the public eye, he’s choosing to pick up right where he left off. Instead of handling the loss with pride, Covington blames the loss on fake fouls and bad governing from the referee.

Covington Blames Marc Goddard

UFC 245 didn’t go as Covington planned. Before the fight even happened, Colby promised that he would win UFC gold. And, he followed up the promise with another; that he would take the belt to the White House. Unfortunately for Colby, the only thing he left UFC 245 with was a loss and a broken jaw.

It didn’t take Covington long to make excuses for the loss. Shortly after, he posted a long message to his Instagram account.

Covington Speaks to the Media

In short, the message made excuses for his performance. Blaming the referee, Colby found a way to try and convince the public that Kamaru’s win wasn’t valid. Fast forward to now, and Colby has doubled down on his stance. This time, he spoke to the media to share his thoughts.

“(In) the second, I get a timeout,” said Covington. ‘Oh, nice job. Let me call a nut shot.’ The dude got hit in the liver and was ready to fold up like a lawn chair. Then, all of a sudden he wants to call a nut shot? That’s the fakest foul I’ve ever heard in all of fighting,” stated Colby.

“In the third round, ‘Marty Fakenewsman’ gets poked in the left eye. He’s holding his right eye. He’s selling to the doctor that, ‘Oh, my right eye. Oh, my right eye.’ Dude, you got poked in the left eye. What are you doing? You’re faker than fake. That’s why you’re ‘Marty Fakenewsman.’ You’re making fake excuses. You want a momentum change. That’s what this is all about,” finished Covington.

Making the Case for a Rematch

After his rant, fans can probably guess what Colby did next. That’s right, make his case for another title shot. Which seems to be a stretch cause all signs are pointing towards Usman defending next against Jorge Masvidal.

Does Colby deserve another shot at UFC gold? Or, should he take the loss on the chin and work himself back up towards title contention? Let us know in the comments.

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