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Court McGee is the winner of The Ultimate Fighter Season 11

Court McGee is the winner of The Ultimate Fighter Season 11

Court McGee comes back from the brink of death to win The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 and all you did today was make toast. Shame on you and your meaningless life when compared to that of Court McGee. Ever since he clinically died from a drug overdose just over three years ago, McGee has dedicated his life to MMA and with a record of 10-1, Court officially realizes that fighting is vastly superior to that whole ‘intravenous heroin addiction’ thing.

The first round seemed to be somewhat even with both fighters getting off their fair amount of strikes until Court made the coherent decision of taking the fight to the ground and landing some stellar ground and pound. The second round started off with Kris McCray landing some well placed shots on Court until McGee managed to single-leg McCray to the mat and in just 3:41 into the second round, Court managed to RNC McCray to get a heavy see-thru plaque and a six-figure contract in the UFC.

Props to McGee on his victory and let me be the first to say that Court McGee vs. Goran Reljic needs to happen before 2011. Be sure to tell your friends that as well. The friends that are into MMA, otherwise you may come off as a complete nutcase.

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