Cory Sandhagen Told Marlon Moraes His Orbital Was Broken ‘To Get In His Head’

Cory Sandhagen Says That He Was Using Mind Games To Mess With Marlon Moraes By Saying He Broke Marlon's Orbital

Cory Sandhagen
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There have been some interesting things done in the UFC, in the name of getting into an opponent’s head. However Cory Sandhagen took a new approach, when he told Marlon Moraes that his orbital bone was broken.

Having suffered a quick loss in his previous outing, Sandhagen was hoping to rebound in a big way when he took on Moraes in last weekend’s UFC Fight Island 5 main event. He achieved just that too, beating Marlon in the second round. It was a spectacular finish, with a spinning head kick leading to a TKO on the ground, fully establishing himself as still being a top contender in the bantamweight division.

Cory Sandhagen Played Mind Games With Marlon Moraes

At one point in the fight, Marlon Moraes was getting his eye busted up a bit, and Cory Sandhagen decided to tell him in the middle of the fight, that his orbital bone was broken. However as Cory explained in a recent interview, he did not actually know this to be the case. He just wanted to play some mind games with his opponent, and thought this would be a good way to do so.

“I kicked him and he gave me a reaction,” Sandhagen said. “I saw on his face that he reacted to it, which usually means that it definitely got through and did something to his mind. Then I started to see some weird swelling, going at a weird angle.

“To be honest I wasn’t sure if his orbital was broke or not,” Sandhagen continued. “I just kind of said it just to mess with him a little bit, because I know that he reacted to it and so I know that probably meant that it hurt. Then I was like ‘If I can convince this guy that his orbital is broke, then maybe he’ll be cautious or maybe he’ll be a different type of way than he normally would. And I think that it actually worked. I think it threw him off of his game a little.”

This is certainly a unique way for Cory Sandhagen to get in Marlon Moraes’ head. There is no telling whether or not this was truly effective, but he was able to get the win shortly thereafter nonetheless.

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