Daniel Cormier Laughs At Paulo Costa Drunk Excuse: ‘Who Is Advising This Young Man’

Costa recently claimed he was kind of drunk or hungover when he fought Adesanya at UFC 253 back in September.

Cormier Costa
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Daniel Cormier could only laugh at Paulo Costa’s latest excuse.

Costa recently claimed he was “kind of drunk” or hungover during his middleweight title fight with Israel Adesanya at UFC 253 in September that resulted in a second-round TKO defeat.

“I was kind of drunk [when] I fought, maybe, on hangover,” Costa said. “I couldn’t sleep because of the [leg] cramps. Keep in mind that the fight happens at 9 a.m. [local time], we have to wake up at 5 to get ready, stretch, wrap the hands. The UFC told us to wake up at 5 in the morning to go to the arena to fight. I hadn’t slept until 2:30.”

“It was my mistake and I don’t blame anyone else, it was something I chose [to do], but, in order to try to sleep, because I had to sleep since I was awake for 24 hours, I had wine, too much wine, a bottle [of wine] to try to black out. I had a glass and didn’t work. Two glasses, it didn’t work. Half bottle, didn’t work. I had it all.”

Cormier: Some Of The Dumbest Stuff I’ve Ever Heard

It should be noted that Costa is bringing this up almost six months following the defeat.

And Cormier couldn’t believe that’s the best could he come up with as he questioned who was advising Costa to put that out there.

“It’s a joke, it’s an absolute joke,” Cormier said while laughing on DC & Helwani. “It’s a joke that he said that — he was drunk before a title fight. He’s out of his mind. This dude Paulo Costa is gonna kill me when he sees me. Because this dude legitimately says some of the dumbest stuff I’ve ever heard in my entire life. I don’t know who is advising this young man.

“Remember he said some stuff the first time after the right, ‘give me a title fight.’ Come on, man. ‘Sign the contract’ — for what? We just saw what happened when he [Adesanya] signed the contract. Now you’re talking about being drunk? This is the stuff you say the day after, ‘Oh man I got drunk,’ because you didn’t have time to think up an excuse. It took you six months to come up with ‘you got drunk, you drank too much wine’ … Who told him to put that out there, man?”

It’s certainly not a good look for Costa who would be much better off reminding people why they were so excited about his potential when he faces Robert Whittaker on April 17.

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