Corey Anderson Outwrestled Glover Teixeira For Decision Victory!

Tremendous Wrestling Of Corey Anderson Led To Decision Win Over Glover Teixeira!

UFC Hamburg offers a great co-main event between Light Heavyweight legends Glover Teixeira and Corey Anderson. We are live here in Barclaycard Arena, Hamburg.

Glover Teixeira defeated Misha Cirkunov via TKO in his last fight. He is known for awesome tactics and endurance. Corey Anderson did a brave move accepting the tremendous Brazilian on a very short notice! Let’s see whether his bravery brings good or bad luck!

Round 1

Both fighters are cautious at the center of the octagon. Great body punch from Corey Anderson but Teixeira connects with hook combo. He hits Anderson’s guard. Fists are flying, and Anderson tries to push Glover to the fence with a double-leg takedown attempt and he succeeds!

Teixeira defends well, the fighters separate themselves. Right cross miss by Anderson, but excellent right middle kick. Anderson tries takedown again, but great defense by Teixeira who puts hands under his armpits and picks him up. Both fighters are still cautious, Teixeira misses with an uppercut.

High kick by Anderson, but miss. Teixeira controls the clinch now, he puts his head and controls him against the fence.


But Anderson is able to reverse and take Glover down! Anderson goes to the full mount but Glover defends well and gets up.


And new takedown off the back by Anderson, who controls his back, but Teixeira again defends well!

Again Takedown!

The third takedown by Anderson, this time the single leg, but Teixeira gets up again and fighters are in the stand-up now.

Uppercut From Hell!

What an uppercut by Anderson, it rocked Teixeira for sure. Good right hook by Anderson looks like Glover is in deep trouble.

New Takedown!

Anderson takes him down again but Teixeira controls his neck… The end of the round, probably the round for Anderson!

Round 2

Good combo by Glover but Anderson slips away easily. Good right cross by Anderson, Teixeira returns with the punch.


Good takedown by Anderson but Teixeira goes up immediately, defends, and controls the cage. The American fighter puts Glover against the fence and lands a great elbow. Teixeira looks lost. Teixeira tries for a takedown but he has problems, Anderson controls his neck… and both fighters stood up.


What an uppercut by the Brazilian competitor. Anderson walks away and plays. Great left hook by Teixeira, who misses with a left hook.

Teixeira is rocked with a clinch right hook!

Teixeira is rocked this was a weak punch but dangerous spot behind the ear!

Anderson is in a dominant position on the ground, he lands hooks on the ground! Teixeira makes a mistake and gives his back to Anderson again! It looks like Corey controls his back well but Teixeira was able to stand up and land a right body kick! What a fight, both fighters trading punches.


Anderson takes him down again! Glover has problems again, his opponent is in the side mount landing elbows! What a left hook by Anderson and he lands elbows over and over! Teixeira is fighting really bad on the ground, and he is punished via this ground and pound heavily. Another round for Anderson.

Round 3

Low kick by Anderson, who runs inside the clinch but isn’t able to take the opponent again. Teixeira does nothing and Anderson has his leg now! Teixeira slips away but Anderson is more active for now.


Anderson grabs his legs again, Teixeira grabs his neck. Anderson on his knees, and he is able to control the opponent’s back and he pulls The Brazilian to the ground! He controls his back again remaining dominant…

Teixeira is cut under the right eye. Good combo by Anderson finds his mark.

Anderson Dominates!

Good knee attempt by Anderson, who takes the opponent down again. Teixeira protects himself again but Anderson is in the side mount, this might mean trouble! Both fighters in the stand-up again, now Teixeira went for a takedown, easily defended by Anderson and a good reversal, Teixeira on his back.

Good guillotine attempt by Glover but Anderson defends well, ending up in side mount position and landing punches. Anderson controls back again but Glover is able to stand up. He is against the cage… what an uppercut by Teixeira but Anderson is able to clinch up and put him to the fence again.Good elbow and punch by Anderson.


Great takedown from Anderson but Teixeira ends up on the top of him again… The end of the match, we go for the scorecards!

Check out the action below:


Final Result: Corey Anderson wins Glover Teixeira via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Corey Anderson improves his MMA score to 11-4, while Glover Teixeira drops to 27-7.

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