Conspiracy Theory Alert: More UFC officials and UFC fighters are Eskimo Bros?

Breaking news across the MMA news wire, fit and attractive members of the MMA community like to have a whole lot of sex. Also it comes to our attention that people with money and power often use their social status for sexual reasons.

For real?

Last week, Brendan Schaub blew (heh) the MMA’s worlds mind when he screen-shotted his iPhone notes and tried to dunk on Dana White. We kind of forget what exactly White and Schaub were feuding about in the first place, but the former UFC fighter was able to work the term “Eskimo Bros” into everyone’s MMA vocabulary.

For all of Schaub’s rambling and choreographed end zone dancing, bringing up the UFC’s president sex life seem to strike a cord with everyone. Does Schaub have more dirt on former and current UFC employees? Pics? Videos?

Is Schaub the type to snitch? Well I think we know the answer to that one but we also get the funny feeling that this isn’t the first timeMMA promoters and MMA fighters have crossed streams.

On the latest episode, of the Sammy and Punk podcast former UFC fighter Josh Thomson walks the finest line on the topic of former UFC fighters interacting with UFC officials in that oh so carnal way.

Listen for yourself, think about and then possibly get grossed out about all the cross pollinating that may or may not be going on in the Las Vegas during fight week.

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