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Video: Conor McGregor Wins a Decision Over Nate Diaz in One of the Great Wars of MMA

Video: Conor McGregor Wins a Decision Over Nate Diaz in One of the Great Wars of MMA

It was kill or be killed. Irish Yakuza up against the American Ninja clan. Straight Blast Gym battling Team Represent. The last time, it was short notice. Nate Diaz came off of a boat drinking tequila and eating payaya. Conor McGregor ate 10 meals of steak and cheesecake. This time it was no excuses. This time it meant more. This time, they battled for blood, millionaire money and control over the power. The power to say “fuck you”, I run this shit.

It was a more patient McGregor. He ate up the leg, didn’t beckon to Diaz’s trash talk wave-in and McGregor countered multiple times, even dropping Diaz. Diaz would beg McGregor to the ground but he would never come, only back back up and signal for Diaz to climb to his feet again for more punches.

The same thing happened in the beginning of the second round. McGregor looked fresh while Diaz’s face was already covered in blood… of course that’s no big things for the Diaz brothers. Diaz turned it on in the later half of the second. The endurance battle began. Diaz chants started. McGregor kept fighting the smartest fight he could, but Diaz has as an endless gas tank. The Diaz Bro’s are perpetual motion machines.

By the end of the third round, Diaz put on a clinic on McGregor up against the cage with classic Stockton boxing. Body shots and damn Killer Instinct 20 hit combos. It looked like McGregor could fold at any moment but he survived the round. The next rounds were closer. Razor close. McGregor takes Diaz down in the close of the fifth, Diaz gets up and takes McGregor down. The bell sounds. Diaz helps McGregor up and they embrace. Give each other props. Brothers in destruction.

Every possible ninja shit was implemented. Both guys were bloody, tired messes. At the end of one of the greatest MMA wars, McGregor wins by decision. McGregor takes the mic, “Surprise, Surprise motherfucker, the king is back!” They both talk trilogy, next time at Lightweight, McGregor has a broken foot. …Fucking incredible.

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