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Conor McGregor: ‘The UFC Needs Me Forever’

Conor McGregor shoots down the idea of retiring if he loses at UFC 264, and shares his plans to beat Dustin Poirier

Conor McGregor: ‘The UFC Needs Me Forever’

Some have wondered if Conor McGregor loses to Dustin Poirier, that it could mean the end of his career. However the Irishman has made it clear that this is not the plan at all, and that he will be fighting for many years to come.

Heading into UFC 264, McGregor is 1-2 in his last three fights. Although those two losses are to the best lightweights in the world, this has made fans wonder if a second loss in a row to Dustin Poirier could spell the end of his career.

Speaking in a recent interview, Conor shot down this notion, saying that he loved fighting and planned to compete for many years to come. Additionally, when asked if the UFC needed him, he said that they do, and always will.

“I’m going to be doing it for a long, long time yet… (I’ll fight until I’m) 332. I’m doing this until the day I go out… I’m going to keep going and that’s it. You’ll never get rid of me. This game is mine. This city, Las Vegas is mine. This world is mine. Saturday night, I’m going to show that,” McGregor said.

“Forever, the UFC needs me forever. I am forever. My accomplishments are forever, my knockouts are forever, my run is forever, my domination of two divisions is forever, and what’s to come is going to be more forever.”

Conor McGregor Only Counts Knockouts

If you look back at the career of Conor McGregor, you would see a man with an overall record of 22-5. Of those five losses, Dustin Poirier was the first man to get a finish over the former champ-champ using strikes.

Heading into the rubber match, Conor says that the only fights that mean anything to him are the ones that ended in a knockout. So, by that rather bizarre logic, he made the case of only having one loss in his entire career.

“My record in mixed marital arts competition is 19 win and 1 loss. I only count knockouts. I only count knockouts. Dustin’s record is 13 wins and 2 losses,” McGregor said.

“The only thing that’s final in this business is a knockout. All the other s—t, the decisions, the taps, that s—t means nothing to me. I’m coming to take a man’s head off, and that’s it.

“I was aiming to put a few holes in (Poirier’s) head the last time, now I’m going to put a few holes in his head and send it to the bleachers,” McGregor added.

As for the people that would point to the fact that this was exactly what happened to Conor in the last outing, he is not concerned. He only promised that he was back and ready for war.

“Yeah, well here we go again. I’m back, you know what I mean. So let’s go,” McGregor said.

Conor McGregor will have the chance to prove that he is back when he squares up with Dustin Poirier for the third time, this weekend, at UFC 264. That being said, the road ahead is far from an easy one for the former champ.

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