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Conor McGregor: the UFC’s next Vice President or a cult leader, Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones investigate

Conor McGregor: the UFC’s next Vice President or a cult leader, Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones investigate

Reverend McGregor please step to the podium.  Once just a common 145 pound human being, Conor McGregor has evolved not just in his fighting skills but on a spiritual level.  After his win over Dustin Poirier in less than two minutes at UFC 178, reports are McGregor had an awakening.

Maybe Poirier landed more offense than we remember or maybe McGregor was bonked on the head by a falling coconut because in the build up to his fight with Dennis Siver ( ¯\_()_/¯ ), the 26 year old featherweight contender has been downright boisterous. Off the record other UFC featherweights have even called McGregor cocky, a regular old hotdogger. The once respectful and humble McGregor has turned into a one man marketing machine prior to his main event contest versus Siver this Sundayonly on Fox Sports 1.

Appearing on the highest rated ESPN2 afternoon Miami based talk show Highly Questionable, McGregor preached his gospel to hosts Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones. The interview starts normal with McGregor playing the role of a stoned face killer giving elaborate looping answers. Look deep into his eyes and McGregor can set you free. Watch him knockout Siver in fewer than two minutes and be enlightened in the way of “The McGregor”.

Le Batard and Jones can’t help but laugh as they fall deeper into McGregor’s spell. By the end of the interview McGregor accuses Siver of using PEDs, threatens to cut his opponent when he becomes the Vice President of the UFC, and goes into great detail about his sex life. Laugh along with McGregor’s prefight banter or he will end you. Just kidding come on in for a big group hug, Mr. McGregor requested you to.

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