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Conor McGregor Shows His Soft Side Helping Disabled Man Finish Workout

Conor McGregor Shows His Soft Side Helping Disabled Man Finish Workout

Looks like Conor McGregor has switched the role. He has quickly arrived from local bully and hooligan attacking the bus to the great man who helped a disabled man at an SBG Gym in Dublin, Ireland.

Yeah, Conor McGregor is not just a madman who throws objects on the moving bus. Looks like he has the soft side, and he is ready to help whenever is needed. Well, now we know why his nickname is Notorious!

In this video, Conor is seen huddling over his fellow Irishman. He showed support to Rankin, who was trying to get through an intense work on a rowing machine with just one leg!

“Yesterday the best fighter on the planet @TheNotoriousMMA helped me get through 3500 meters doing so with the use of one leg,” Rankin wrote in his Twitter post. ”He didn’t have to give me guidance or help me but he did and I’m entirely grateful.

“This is SBG. I Will Always Be Okay. #McGregor #UFC #DisabledAndProud #SBG.”

Since McGregor was hiding for some period of time after being arrested in Brooklyn for savage bus attack, we are very glad to hear that he has become a different person, a Conor we like to watch.

Despite Conor McGregor might be a pure example of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide, looks like this time a good doctor controls his mind. Don’t forget that The Notorious was rewarded for his work with Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin. What do you think, what is Conor’s next surprise?


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