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Conor McGregor ‘Felt Pity’ For Dustin Poirier: ‘I Might Have Saved Him And His Wife’s Life’

Ahead of their rubber match at UFC 264, Conor McGregor explains why he took the second fight, and his plans to defeat Dustin the third time around

Conor McGregor ‘Felt Pity’ For Dustin Poirier: ‘I Might Have Saved Him And His Wife’s Life’

When Conor McGregor fought Dustin Poirier for the second time, things did not go his way. Ahead of their third fight at UFC 264, Conor says that the only reason he took that fight was because he felt sorry for the Louisiana native.

Initially the second fight between McGregor and Poirier was talked about as being for charity. Even when the UFC got involved and made the fight official, Conor agreed to donate money to Dustin’s charity, although things did not quite end up that way.

Speaking in an interview before their third meeting this Saturday, Conor explained that the only reason he accepted the second fight in the first place, was because he felt bad for Dustin. In fact, he says that he may have saved Poirier and his wife’s lives.

“I felt pity for the guy to be honest. I do feel a bit of pity for a lot of people in the game. That was really it. I reached out, it was going to be a charity event, there was nothing really do with the UFC at the start,” McGregor said.

“I picked Dustin, I felt a bit sorry for him… I don’t know, I might have saved him and his wife. I might have saved him and his wife’s life. I might have rescued them. So some of the shady stuff that’s gone on, regarding some of the other issues, I’m like yeah, you’re going to pay for that now.”

Dustin Poirier Is Terrified

The narrative headed into this fight is largely based around the apparent laser focus that Conor McGregor has. He has been doing little media appearances until the few days before the fight, and each time he has professed his intent to bury Dustin Poirier.

He believes that this talk and this attitude has Dustin terrified. In fact, Conor pointed to Dustin’s behavior after the second fight as proof that the former interim champ is not really into the idea of fighting Conor a third time.

“I’m keeping this enemy in a suspense of terror, and that’s it… He’s trembling. Even after the last win. ‘I don’t like this anymore, I don’t want to do this anymore.’ Imagine after your biggest win you’re saying that, because he knows he got electrocuted in both rounds,” McGregor said.

“He got rattled. I had him out on his feet in both rounds, multiple times in the first and even in the second, a bad one in the second. So he knows the shot he ate, and he’s going to eat a hell of a lot more of them, that’s for sure.”

Conor McGregor Is Ready For 5 Rounds

When it comes to a prediction, Conor McGregor just expects to see Dustin Poirier leave on a stretcher. Although he explained that he is expecting the fight to go all five rounds, and is prepared for that to happen.

The Irishman said that Dustin will likely try the same gameplan in this third fight because he is scared to do anything else. Nevertheless, Conor is ready for whatever comes in this rubber match.

“That’s all he knows, that’s all he has. He’s crapping his bags… He shot in 20 seconds of the first round. 20 seconds in, he almost shot as fast as the Dagestani (Khabib Nurmagomedov), who shot 15 seconds into the first round. They fight me afraid, they fight afraid. They back away, they shell up, they dive for the legs. I’m aware of it now, awareness is what it’s about, that’s it,” McGregor explained.

“Dustin’s going out on a stretcher. That’s my prediction. He’s going out of this fight on a stretcher… I’m ready for it all. I’m not jumping the gun, I’m ready for it all. But he’s going out on a stretcher.”

Conor McGregor faces Dustin Poirier for the third time at UFC 264, on July 10th. This is easily the most highly anticipated trilogy in UFC history, and it will be exciting to see how it goes down.

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