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Conor McGregor Likens Dennis Siver to a Nazi on Twitter, Oops

Conor McGregor Likens Dennis Siver to a Nazi on Twitter, Oops

Conor McGregor kind of can’t do anything wrong. That being said, he did something wrong yesterday and it’s the kind of thing that just about nobody thinks is funny.

See, on the internet we have this thing called Godwin’s Law. Godwin’s Law is that the longer an argument is going on via the internet, the likelihood that someone being compared to a Nazi increases. Why? Because Nazis are some of the most clear-cut “bad guys” in modern history. Everyone grows up being taught that the Nazis were the personification of evil and rightfully so. There always has to be that caveat in our education to remember that not all Germans were Nazis and that today it is unfair to compare all Germans with Nazis.

That would be like saying all Americans are KKK members, only times about 1,000,000.

So Conor McGregor, all pumped up from the crazy pep rally and lack of an announcement from the UFC yesterday posted a photo of the staredown between Dennis Siver and himself and called him a Nazi. Then he kind of apologized.

Dennis Siver is a blonde-haired German guy, that doesn’t make him a Nazi. [img credit: MMAMania]

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