Conor McGregor Keeps Pushing The Story Of New 165-Pound Division

Conor McGregor Hopes He Might Get The Third Match Versus Nate Diaz At 165-Pound Division

Conor McGregor was having a show time Wednesday afternoon in Las Vegas, Nevada. He rewarded the fans with an open workout session. Khabib Nurmagomedov was also showing his skills. Both fighters demonstrated how attractive their skills might be. Yet, The Notorious looked very cool and relaxed for a man who fights at the biggest UFC fight in history on Saturday night.

Strange, but Mystic Mac didn’t throw jabs on Khabib this time. He discussed possible new opponents and fights. As well as you know, Anderson Silva accepted Conor’s super fight challenge. Conor believes his fight versus The Spider would be a great match! (via

”It’d be a good one,” he said in an interview with Karyn Bryant for UFC Tonight. “He’s what, 6’1? I’d like him to cut down, I think that’d be a good fight for the fans, I’d be semi-interested in that. I know he started saying it, and I was like hmm, that sounds interesting. I was ringside when Nick Diaz fought him, it’d be a good fight.”

But when it comes to the rest of fighters, Conor McGregor has no respect at all. He is only interested in giving Nate Diaz a chance for a rematch. But he likes the idea of the new 165-pound division! Maybe he is still thrilled by Nate’s recent click bait!

“The game is full of bums,” he declared. “S**t hasn’t changed, really, so it’s good to be back. I’ve got some eyeballs, I’ve got that trilogy with Diaz. I will give that man a rematch. He gave me a rematch, so I’ll give him a rematch. 155 [pounds], I’d imagine, but we’ll see because maybe we could spearhead a 165-pound division. I do believe we should go 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, even 195. Why not? There’s more belts.”

Conor McGregor keeps pushing 165-pound division story since spring this year. Remember when he offered to step up as the last minute replacement for Frankie Edgar fight at UFC 222? It was at the beginning of the March! Conor is a very persistent man!

This week, in an interview with Mac Life, he said he would like more weight divisions. But according to McGregor, the main reason would be ending dangerous weight cuts! The Notorious added more divisions would bring more champions and belts. Conor also believes Nate Diaz Vs Dustin Poirier should headline UFC 230.

“They’re stripping people left and right,” McGregor said. “They stripped me and I only walked out the damn cage. They didn’t even offer me a fight and I was getting stripped. And then Cormier was injured or something happened to him and I got stripped of my second belt because of that reason just so they can juice up cards with belts.”

”Well hey, stick in more weight divisions, more champions. Why not? If that’s what you’re doing anyway because you just want the belt – look what happened at UFC 230, Shevchenko and the other girl. I think the Diaz-Poirier fight should be main event, personally. It’s great for the women, get them up there, but I mean, if it’s the belt that they’re doing this for then why not add more divisions, more belts, more champions, more pay-per-views with belts on the line.”

”It’s gonna help the athletes, I believe, with weight-cutting and things like that,” McGregor concluded. “So I believe maybe me and Diaz can do the trilogy under 165. Or who knows, I don’t know. We’ve done 170 twice, anyway. As of now it’s a 155er.

Do you support Conor McGregor? There are many fighters who would like 165-pound division! Would you like to see the third fight between The Notorious and The Stockton Slugger?

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