Conor McGregor Seemingly Threatens Dustin Poirier’s Daughter In Deleted Tweets: ‘I’m A Dangerous Man’

Some cryptic deleted tweets from Conor McGregor appear to be threatening Dustin Poirier and his family following their UFC 264 fight

Conor Mcgregor Dustin Poirier 2
Photos via Instagram @thenotoriousmma @dustinpoirier

Conor McGregor has a nasty habit of bringing his opponent’s family into trash talk, and Dustin Poirier was no exception ahead of UFC 264. Now after the fight, the Irishman seems to have threatened Dustin and his daughter in a string of deleted tweets.

McGregor seemed a bit unhinged after he broke his tibia in the first round of the trilogy bout with Poirier. Even whilst on the ground, he was threatening Dustin and insulting his wife, saying that this rivalry was far from over.

Now it seems that this took a dark turn on Monday night, while Conor was recovering from surgery on his leg. He sent out a series of bizarre and cryptic tweets, which he soon after deleted, that seem to paint a rather concerning picture.

Did Conor McGregor Threaten Dustin Poirier’s Family?

That seems to be the conclusion that everyone is drawing from these deleted tweets from Conor McGregor, and understandably so. Given that he was saying things like “gonezo” and “I’m a dangerous man,” alongside photos of Dustin holding his daughter seem to add fuel to that idea.

On the other hand, one can only hope that he would not actively be aiming a threat at a child, as that is beyond dark and disgusting. There are lines that nobody should cross, in the fight game or elsewhere, and threatening children sits pretty close to the top of that list.

Dustin Poirier made it clear that he was not bothered by the things that Conor McGregor said about his wife in the lead-up to UFC 264, instead being upset about the Irishman’s threats on his life. Now he is combing threatening remarks with talks of family, so it would be interesting to see Dustin’s reaction.

Either way, this is not the type of “humble in defeat” behavior that Conor has professed to have. Instead it only continues a trend of the nasty side of the former champ-champ being the main one people see.

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