Conor McGregor Donates €12,000 to Sick Child

Conor Mcgregor
Conor Mcgregor - Image via @thenotoriousmma Instagram

Conor McGregor Donates To Fund Sick Child’s Medical Costs

The legacy of Conor McGregor’s UFC accolades has slightly tarnished. Especially with all of his troubles outside the cage. From sucker-punching the elderly, to repeat sexual allegations, it seems like whatever headlines McGregor produces is negative. However, this time, a luminous glimmer of optimism flickers over all of Conor’s accusations. Donating to a family in need was done in silence, and came just at the right time.

The Irish Mirror, which provides news all across Ireland, first reported McGregor’s charitable efforts. McGregor’s donation came by way of GoFundMe to a 1-year-old named Evie Nolan. Evie was born with an uncommon condition called microcephaly with pontine cerebellar hypoplasia. The syndrome is an X-linked disorder affecting females and characterized by severe intellectual disability, microcephaly, and variable degrees of pontocerebellar hypoplasia.

Afflicted people have inadequate psychomotor development, oftentimes without independent ambulation or speech, and axial hypotonia with or without hypertonia. Some may have sensorineural hearing loss or eye anomalies. Dysmorphic features include overall poor growth and severe microcephaly.

McGregor’s Contribution

McGregor’s contribution showed up publically in the donors’ portion of the GoFundMe. So, of course media were easily able to pick up on Conor’s donation.

Conor McGregor's GoFundMe donation
Conor McGregor’s GoFundMe donation

The donation shows Crumlin Boxing Club and Conor donating a whopping €34,000. In translation, the sum equals $26764.20 in American currency. The sum of money was met when the Crumlin Boxing Club donated €12,000. Next, McGregor vowed to match what the Crumlin Boxing Club would raise.

Collaborating with the club, Conor autographed a pair of boxing gloves. Up for auction, the gloves sold for €12,000. He then matched the sum of money met. Because of his large donation, the family surpassed their goal of raising €60,000.

Raising Money For Evie

So far, the page has raised over €103,000. To donate, fans can participate by clicking here:

And, before fans get the idea that the act was a publicity stunt, Evie’s mother claims otherwise. She spoke to the Irish Mirror about Conor’s offering.

“It was not by any means a publicity stunt from McGregor, as he did not even want to be mentioned,” said Emma, Evie’s mother. “We can’t thank Conor enough for helping our little girl.”

As a result of the news, Conor is in the good graces of at least Emma Nolan. However, as his ongoing allegations continue, fans and the MMA community will appreciate his kind gesture, while still holding him accountable for his multiple accusations. McGregor’s contribution to a family in need is commendable, but the serious allegations need to be solved.


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