Conor McGregor Donates $500,000 To Children’s Charity In Louisiana…But Not Dustin Poirier’s

After an argument about promised donations, Conor McGregor decides to donate his half a million dollars to another children's organization in Louisiana instead

Conor Mcgregor Dustin Poirier
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Conor McGregor is notorious for playing all kinds of mind games with his opponents. Ahead of the third bout with Dustin Poirier, he decided to mess with his rival in one of the most petty ways that we have seen so far.

Prior to the second fight between Poirier and McGregor, Conor promised Dustin that he would donate a hefty sum of money to his charity, the Good Fight Foundation. This was a big deal for the Louisiana native, as the $500,000 that was promised was going to allow him to do a lot for the youth in his home state.

However after the fact, it was revealed that Conor never actually made that donation, with Dustin saying that his team ceased all communication about the matter. This led to a back and forth on social media, which ultimately ended with Dustin apologizing for airing their dirty laundry in public the way that he did.

Conor McGregor Donates To A Different Charity

It would appear that Conor McGregor finally made that $500,000 donation. However he did not send it to Dustin Poirier’s charity after all.

According to reports, Conor did offer his half a million dollar donation to youth in Poirier’s hometown of Layfette, Louisiana. Yet instead of making the donation to the Good Fight Foundation, he instead offered it to the Boys and Girls Club foundation in the area.

“This investment is a gamechanger! Thank you, Conor, for helping to ensure that our kids have what they need to grow and thrive this summer!” said the Boys and Girls clue, regarding the donation from McGregor.

As great as this donation is for the Boys and Girls Club, it is clear that Conor McGregor is only doing this to mess with Dustin Poirier’s head. Whether or not it will work is a different story, especially since he has already moved on to the next goal with his charity.

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