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Conor McGregor Bought Extremely Expensive Villa In Spain

Conor McGregor Bought Extremely Expensive Villa In Spain

Who knows why Conor McGregor cannot know the difference between passive income and money who needs to stay on his account for tough days. Maybe it is just a tactical move of the Irish superstar… But common, spending 1.5 million dollars on a villa with complete LED driveway is very bizarre move! At least we can hope The Notorious won’t be firing his uzi through the house. (via

Conor McGregor has earned 30 million dollars for his loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr in August 2017. He is one of the richest fighters ever. His incomes from UFC fights and another various stuff are very hard for estimation. Conor is known for purchasing expensive suits… hope he won’t spend all the money on that.

Conor McGregor should return to the Octagon this year, but the first thing he has to do is appearing in front of the New York justice system on June 14th for his hooligan bus attack. Michael Chiesa filed a police report against The Notorious, so he will probably get a decent amount of money too.

This is a small price for the man who has more than 50 million dollars on his account. What do you think, what is Conor McGregor going to purchase next?

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