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UFC 246 “Thrill & Agony” Reveals What Conor McGregor Told Grandmother Cerrone

UFC 246 “Thrill & Agony” Reveals What Conor McGregor Told Grandmother Cerrone

UFC’s “Thrill & Agony” Reveals Conversation Between McGregor and Grandmother Cerrone

The UFC tends to do well when they get their athlete’s mothers involved. It tugs at the heartstrings of even the toughest MMA fans on the planet. When Tyron Woodley’s mother championed Kamaru Usman after their bout at UFC 235, all of our hearts melted. Now, the MMA world witnessed another moment between Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone’s grandmother. What was said during the exchange? The UFC took it’s fans behind the scenes to revisit the emotional moment.

Thrill & Agony Featuring McGregor and Grandmother Cerrone

UFC 246 was full of passion. A mix of various moments caused by a lot of thrill, as well as a lot of agonies. Ironically, the UFC released an all-access look at what happened after the actions of 246 played out entitled ” Thrill and Agony.” During the peek behind the scenes, fans get to witness the conversation between McGregor and Grandmother Cowboy.

“I have respect for you, so much respect for you,” said Conor to Jerry Cerrone (Cowboy’s grandmother.) You raised one hell of a boy, you should be proud, I’m serious,” finished McGregor.

UFC 246

During UFC 246, Cerrone suffered a serious beating at the hands of McGregor. All it took was 40 seconds for Conor to display his confident striking prowess. During the match, he utilized vicious shoulder strikes that have been made popular by fighters such as Jon Jones and the Diaz brothers. The shoulder shots broke Cerrone’s nose. Additionally, McGregor fractured Cowboy’s orbital en route to victory.

“Thrill and Agony” released as a clip on the UFC’s official Youtube channel. However, the full release of the entire production can be found on UFC Fight Pass. During the full episode, fans can see Dana White’s reaction to the fight. As expected, he was in awe of Conor’s performance. Also, fans can see both men leading up to the fight, and Conor’s analysis and celebration after the fight ended.


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