Conor Heun broke his friggin arm last night and still won

Conor Heun called it in his interview with us yesterday, he said if he was going to lose then Magno Almeida would have to kill him. After a 3 round war that was up, down and everywhere you could go in the cage, Heun eventually pulled off the decision win with an incredibly gutsy performance.

After getting caught in cringeworthy armbars throughout the match, Heun eventually made his way to the full guard of Almeida, as the seconds wound down you could tell Conor was hurt, those submission attempts by Almeida were nasty. Regardless Heun opened up a barrage of double hammer fists and blows to Almeida’s face with his left hand in the closing seconds of the third round. He was favoring the left probably because his right arm was broken for a good portion of the bout.

Dude is a warrior. Listen to him talk about being awesome.


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