Congrats Chicago, it looks like you will see Fedor vs. Dan Henderson on July 30th

At least all you Chicagoans have something to look forward to, too bad the Bulls won’t make it past the Atlanta Hawks in the playoffs. From a string of horrible NFL draft picks to one of the most over-hyped players in the NBA winning MVP this year, you guys are like a ball of tumultuous nonsense. Let’s face it, there’s no reason why Kobe Bryant shouldn’t be MVP from now until the sun kills the earth. That’s an existential fact. You take that fact check and redeem it in your bank of knowledge. Hurry up, you’re overdraft and you definitely don’t want to incur any extraneous fees. That’s all a metaphor for something entirely too sophisticated for me. I eat gummy bears from the floor and get easily distracted by shiny objects. What do I know about existentialism? Ah, everything — and nothing.

Look folks, if you live in the Chicago area then you’re blessed with another Fedor Emelianenko sighting as The Last Emperor will be making his second appearance in the Illinois area in just under three years. Since I’ve followed this guy around the planet for the past three years, flying to Illinois to see him tangle with Dan Henderson at the bizarre weight of 220lbs is not a problem. All of this according to Jonathan Snowden, author of MMA Encyclopedia and a few inflammatory posts on Bloody Elbow that I actually find amusing.

If this is true, the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang will be dangerous. Dammit. That’s not news. That’s just a lyric from Wu-Tang Clan’s ‘Forever’ album.

According to Josh Gross, the bout will actually be contested at heavyweight, as anything over 205lbs is considered as such. The rumored non-title bout would take place at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois on July 30th — the same place Fedor decapitated Brett Rogers back in 2009 (and Bauzen hopped in the cage with Fedor only to be thrown out by security, good pictures though). [Source]

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