Colby Covington: Tyron Woodley ‘Is Gonna Take A Dive’ Against Jake Paul

Colby Covington gives his thoughts on the boxing match between former opponent Tyron Woodley and YouTuber Jake Paul

Colby Covington Tyron Woodley Jake Paul
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Some people think that Tyron Woodley will beat Jake Paul, while others believe the fight will go the other way around. Then there is Colby Covington, who believes that Tyron will take a dive in this fight.

Covington was the first person to finish Woodley in the UFC Octagon, handing him his third straight loss since the end of his championship run. This compounded into a second consecutive stoppage loss for T-Wood, eventually leading to his release by the UFC.

After this news, it was revealed that Tyron would be making the move to the world of boxing. His first opponent would be a Showtime Boxing main event against YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul.

Colby Covington Thinks Tyron Woodley Will Take A Dive

With the knowledge that Colby Covington has over Tyron Woodley, and the beef the two share, it was interesting to hear his thoughts on this Jake Paul fight. In typical Colby fashion, he had some snarky remarks to make about the matchup.

Speaking in a recent interview, the top 170lb contender said that he thinks Tyron took this fight because he was hard up for money. So instead of fighting fairly, he will take a dive in order to make even more money.

“(Paul) is looking for another guy that’s towards the tail end of their career. Tyron Woodley could still knock him out, my son, he still has that knockout power, but he’s getting a little bit up there in age and his motivation’s not there, so what I think is I know how struggling Tyron Woodley is for money.  He’s going to take a dive,” Covington said.

“It’s going to be a work, he’s not really going to go fight Jake Paul. They’re going to pay him a couple million dollars under the table, and he’s going to take a dive, take a fall, and they’re going to hype up this little “Snake” Paul and like he’s some great fighter and great boxer, when he’s nothing more than an amateur joke and a sparring partner.

“I think Woodley’s going to take a dive. It’s going to be a work,” Covington continued. “It’s not going to be a real fight. They’re not going to really fight. Woodley’s going to get paid off, he’s going to take a dive, he’s going to get paid all that money under the table, and he’s going to be happy.

“He’s going to make a bigger purse than he’s ever made in his UFC career, and that’s after piggy backing off of some of the stars.”

What do you make of these comments from Colby Covington? Do You think Tyron Woodley will take a dive against Jake Paul?

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