Colby Covington: I’m Good For Business Because I’m The Super Villain OF Whole Entire UFC

Colby Covington is currently a very hot topic in the media. Being super villain of the UFC is something that could be said by Conor McGregor or Nate Diaz, but looks like The Chaos takes their titles over slowly. It looks like he knows how to get media attention.

He has quickly become one of the biggest trolls in the history of UFC. And his popularity grows rapidly! He was insulting Brazil, the home country of Rafael dos Anjos, and he had a big altercation with Fabricio Werdum in Sydney, Australia last year.

He was also irritating to Marvel and Star Wars fans with… let’s say a bit offensive post on Twitter. If we exclude his teammates from American Top Team, there is nobody who likes Colby Covington. He was attacking almost every fighter, non-dependent of weight class and ranking. But looks like trolling and social media insults are good for business.

Colby Covington spoke to Damon Martin from and he has explained his “list of qualities” in details. We bet he has supporters and haters. (via

“I’m good for business. I’m the super villain of this division. I’m the super villain of the whole entire UFC,” Covington said. “They’re starting to realize my worth. I’m the most notable fighter right now. Everybody wants to watch me. Whether they want to see me lose or win, it’s all the same f–king thing.

“They’re all going to be tuning in on June 9 on pay-per-view to watch me put an ass whooping on that little Franken-nerd RDA. I’m going to leave RDA motionless in the Octagon and there will be no question I’m the undisputed welterweight champion of the world.”

You already know that Colby Covington has big plans for Chicago, and especially the match-up with Rafael dos Anjos on Saturday.

“He’s got no chance and the whole world is going to find out who is the greatest welterweight of all time and that’s Colby “Chaos” Covington,” he said.

“I can’t wait to go takeover Chicago. The Bulls, they’ve been sucking lately and the Bears, that team is trash so they’re going to get a championship caliber fighter when I come to the city.”

Don’t forget he has promised to confront Joe Rogan too! UFC 225 will take place in Chicago, on June 9th, and Colby Covington fights in the co-main event of the evening. What do you think, will RDA finally shut his mouth?

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