Colby Covington: Kamaru Usman Is Switching Managers To Duck Him, Leon Edwards Needs ’20 More Fights’ For Title Shot

Colby Covington mocks Leon Edwards for getting rocked by Nate Diaz at UFC 263, and says that Kamaru Usman is looking for a new manager to avoid fighting him

Colby Covington
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Heading into UFC 263, Colby Covington was named the next opponent for Kamaru Usman’s welterweight title. However he thinks that the champ is going to extreme lengths to avoid the rematch with him.

While Dana White made it clear that Covington was the top contender, there was a key welterweight matchup over the weekend between Leon Edwards and Nate Diaz. Both men were hopeful that an impressive win would allow them to skip the line, and surpass Colby in the title picture.

Colby Covington Roasts Leon Edwards

In the end, the bout was fairly one-sided, with Leon winning cleanly, until the last 90 seconds or so of the fight, where Nate wobbled Leon and almost got the comeback finish. Speaking in a recent interview, Colby mocked Leon for almost getting finished by Nate, and said that this win was nowhere near enough to warrant a title shot.

“I think that’s hilarious. I think Edwards Scissorhands, he’s out here claiming to be this god and he’s ready for a title shot, dude, you’re struggling with a lightweight journeyman who has double-digit losses on his record, and this guy is almost finishing you? And you think you need to be in a title shot?” Covington said.

“That guy needs to go win ten more fights or 20 more fights if he can’t get by Nate Diaz like that. The guy’s a Stockton soy boy. He’s been finished by everybody. The guy has no gas left in the tank. He’s even saying himself he has no motivation left to fight. So, if you’re struggling with a guy like Nate Diaz, there’s no way you belong anywhere close to a world title fight.”

Kamaru Usman Is Seeking New Management?

Even after UFC 263, Dana White confirmed that Colby Covington was the top contender for Kamaru Usman. However Colby continues to think that Kamaru is trying to avoid having a rematch with him.

In fact, Colby revealed that he has heard that Kamaru Usman is looking to find a new manager, and part ways with Ali Abdelaziz. Colby says that this is because Ali is trying to make Kamaru fight him, but the champ does not want to.

“Let’s just say, hey Ali, Ali Abdela-sleeze, I know you’re trying to avoid me, you’re trying any way in the book not to fight me. Hey man, I get it, you’re scared, but man I know how scared Usman is too,” Covington said.

“He’s avoiding this rematch so bad, and he’s finding out that you’re not the real friend that he thought (you were). That’s why he’s sitting down with other managers. I just have to say, (Usman) had a meeting with CAA (Creative Artists Agency), Marqul Martin, they had a meeting at Swann, in Miami Beach, the design district.

“It’s because (Usman’s) not happy with Ali,” Covington continued. “Not only is Ali not doing what he promised (Usman), he’s not able to get him out of avoiding fighting me. (Usman) doesn’t want to fight me. Ali can’t find a way around it, because the UFC’s going to make this fight. So (Usman’s) entertaining new managers, and one specifically CAA.”

Do you think there is anything to these claims from Colby Covington? How do you see the rematch with Kamaru Usman playing out?

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