Video: Colby Covington really is turning into Tito Ortiz stumbling through his promos

Colby Covington Promos

What a dork. Colby Covington is now operating multiple levels below nerd.

For less than 15 minutes, Covington had his shtick. Covington created a character and it got him attention. The UFC landscape was so barren with interesting fighters that somehow Colby Freaking Covington stood out from the pack.

Low key brilliant move on his part, and a stern shaking of the head for the rest of the UFC roster for letting this happen.

How did it even get to this point?

Roughly 18 months ago, Covington burned through all his written material. Now this dude is free styling and it’s so bad.

Covington constantly goes out and dies in front of the mic. Almost every interview, if Colby is asked to improvise, he falls flat of his face.




It’s truly amazing and nobody is stopping him because, again, dude is super corny. Just by pure accident, Colby should stumble into some killer sound bites, but he just doesn’t.

Covington created a character he can no longer control. He has the controller in the hand but just has no idea what buttons to push. Can’t even button mash at this point.

From MMA Fighting hear is Colby saying real life words live on air.

“I’ve been living rent free in that guy’s head for the last couple of years. He’s been begging to fight me and making up this fake news narrative that I’ve been ducking him when I never ducked him. He was trying to fight me when I already had fights set with guys ahead of me. I wasn’t going to go backwards. Now I’m right here with him and there’s no one else at the top of the mountain to fight and he’s begging for anyway out. He’s looking for any other fighter to fight him but me, the only guy, the most deserving, the guy who earned his shot and has a belt. So I know I’m under his skin, I know I’m living rent-free in his head, and it’s just a matter of time until I turn his lights out.”


The cherry on top of this crap sundae, was Colby morphing into Tito Ortiz live in real time.


Check out the full Colby Covington interview with Ariel Helwani below.

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