Colby Covington Threatens To Fight Michael Bisping For UFC 225 Interview

Here is one more in the list of Colby Covington’s threats. He has defeated Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 225 via dominant performance and good wrestling. But do you remember the moment when Michael Bisping entered the cage as soon as the fight was finished? Well, the word exchange was far from over… the two continued after the match! (via

During his post-fight interview with the UFC on FOX crew, the two famous trash-talkers demonstrated how should the real war of words look like. You can check more details here.

It looks like the biggest problem is the fact that Bisping interfered with Covington’s moment of glory. Colby Covington threatened to slam the former UFC Middleweight champion for his unprofessional behavior. Chaos has even mentioned physical violence in some parts of speech. He has also created a new insult for Bisping – one-eyed nerd.

“He’s an unprofessional, one-eyed twerp. Every time UFC brings me out I am always professional and I am always on time, make weight and there are never any issues with Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington. I always do the right things,” he said.

“What he did on Saturday night was a complete joke. That was my time, my moment and he was trying to steal my spotlight. He knew my light was so bright, and usually he can’t see out of that one eye, but my spotlight was so bright that he couldn’t help to jump in.”

UFC commentator Jon Anik stood by Covington’s side. Colby Covington, who claims to be a huge fan of president Trump, said he is confused by Bisping’s insane bravery of messing with the supporters of red, white, and blue. He also mentioned what happened in his fight versus Dan Henderson.

 “The thing is, it’s crazy he forgot what happened from American forefather Dan Henderson. You would think he would’ve got humbled from the last time he messed around with the red, white and blue. I will come across that pond and break that little one-eyed nerd’s face.”

However, Chaos forgot that Bisping defended Henderson at their last fight at UFC 204 but the spectacular knockout Hendo delivered at UFC 100 may remain the hot topic for a very long period of time. Colby Covington obviously didn’t forget it.

Currently, Colby Covington wants to fight in the unification bout versus Tyron Woodley, and he is already attacking him on social media for a long period of time. Despite they were partners at American Top Team (ATT), someone is obviously blurred by glory. We hope this fight will happen as soon as possible.

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