Colby Covington Says Tyron Woodley Fight Is On: I Need To Take Care Of Little Health Issues

Colby Covington Claims Tyron Woodley Fight Is Still On For Late 2018

It was expected that Woodley vs. Covington title-unification bout would go down later this year but a twist involving Darren Till has now emerged.

Yesterday, ESPN’s Ariel Helwani reported UFC is trying to book a showdown between them for September 8, but for some undisclosed reasons, Covington can’t fight on the proposed date. So now the UFC is currently discussing to book Woodley vs. Darren Till title bout and considering stripping Covington of the interim title.

Later Till called out Woodley via social media saying Covington is out, accept the bout, which ‘The Chosen One’ promptly turned it down.

For his part, ‘Chaos’ who was guest at Submission Radio, where he clarified the situation that he needed some time off to recuperate from health issues and his plan to derail Woodley’s career is still on for later this year. (Via BloodyElbow)

“We’re looking at doing it in November, December. You know, I need a little time off, I need to do a little recovering,” Covington said. “I’m only human, man, I gotta get a little vacation. I just can’t keep running my body through the ground, going through training camps. You have to be strategic, and you know, November, December works for me. I had little health issues after my fight, so I’m getting those taken care of and by the year’s end I will unify my belt and retire Tyron Woodley for good.”

“I think the storyline that makes the most sense, this is the biggest fight that the UFC’s gonna make this year,” he continued. “There’s still questions regarding when Conor McGregor’s coming back, who knows when he’s coming back. They don’t know when Daniel Cormier is gonna fight again because he’s got a broken hand. So, this is the biggest fight that UFC can serve.”

“So, if you wanna serve the biggest fight between Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington and TyQuil Woodley, they need to serve it up at the world’s most iconic arena, and that’s Madison Square Garden in Manhattan New York. So, that makes the most sense for the fight.”

Covington rose to prominence in MMA last year as a result of his trash talk persona. Chaos gets to find his way to the top of Welterweight division through his brash personality, with recently won an interim title via decision over Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 225. But long before that, Covington had been calling out Woodley for months, by saying he’ll make the division great again, now he believes how can UFC go on to book someone else for this fight.

“If Tyron Woodley gets cold feet, which I think he will, deep down inside he knows what I used to do to him, he knows I took his soul at American Top Team,” Covington said. “So, if he gets cold feet and he backs out, then I guess the perfect storyline that make sense for the pay-per-view is I guess Toronto against that little syrup sucker Georges St-Pierre.”

“He’s been seeing aliens, he’s been doing all kinds of things. Who knows what’s going on in that guy’s head. But he has expressed interest in wanting another fight, so if TyQuil can’t come together and get his grip together to sign a contract, then I guess I’m going after GSP in Canada and I’m gonna go north of the border and I’m gonna be going and getting some poontang over there. He’s getting poutine, I’m getting poontang.”

UFC has a plan to put on the show at UFC 230 by the end of the year, so Woodley and Covington can fit nicely in that bill. Currently, no fights have been announced for that card yet.

Do you think UFC should wait couple more months to put on their showdown, as Woodley is healthy but still rehabbing his shoulder and Covington can recover till then?

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